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Remaining WITHOUT Health Coverage is not a good choice!



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If you are one of the 47 million Americans without health coverage

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Healthcare and health insurance companies, have developed a cutting-edge approach to health coverage.

SecureCare is an innovative way to help you obtain health insurance coverage for you and your family without the fear of being rejected due to pre-existing health conditions.

With Homeland Healthcare you will never be required to pass a physical prior to coverage being issued and you will never have to worry about paying outrageous deductibles and monthly premiums again. There is absolutely NO advantage to having health coverage you cannot afford. If you can’t pay the premium, you don’t have coverage!

  • Currently Without Coverage?
  • Unable to Obtain Coverage?
  • Do you have Pre-Existing Conditions and CAN NOT QUALIFY FOR COVERAGE?
  • Can you NO LONGER AFFORD your current coverage and left out in the cold?
  • Does Looking for Health Coverage scare you to death?

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